hh2 Remote Time Entry & Daily Field Reports

Recorded Webinar: hh2 Remote Payroll®

hh2 Remote Payroll®, a cloud-based time entry solution for construction companies, supports employee labor and equipment time. Tightly integrated with Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate (CRE), Sage Intacct Construction, and Sage 100 Contractor, Remote Payroll eliminates the need to hand-enter paper timesheets. It offers customization and multiple options for time entry, approval paths, permissions, and reporting.

• Use multiple methods to submit time for employees and equipment.
• Customize approval workflows for each payroll group.
• Streamline approval processes with Sage 100 Contractor, Sage Intacct Construction, and Sage 300 CRE integration.
• Access data anytime, anywhere, on any web device.
• Use hh2’s full-featured website and mobile apps built for iOS and Android.

hh2 Field Reports

hh2 Field Reports™ enables field supervisors to record day-to-day job site progress; it supports all field report data types found in Sage 300 Construction & Real Estate’s (CRE) Project Management, such as weather, subcontractor, labor, material, equipment, meetings, visitors, and journal. hh2 Field Reports supports attachments and enables users to create custom forms to capture proprietary data. Key employees can search and create PDF versions of field reports. Use hh2 Data Drop to sync field report data into Sage 300 CRE or a local Microsoft SQL Server database.

• Document weather, activities, safety concerns, and more.
• Track production units and percentages complete for key cost codes.
• Create custom reports to track and collect specific information.
• Export reports as PDF or Excel documents.

Presented by Kevin Hadley, hh2 Cloud Services

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