Get Up and Running With 

Sage Intacct Construction in 

Less Than 1/2 the Time.

Efficient, Customized, Sage Software Implementation Made Simple.

The Foundation Program is centered around easing the most critical and most common pain point in the process of switching accounting software; the implementation process. 

Meticulously crafted from years of industry expertise, this program delivers fast access to a suite of tailor-made tools and customizations that streamline your management processes.



The Foundation Program focuses on delivering key functionalities with a reduced timeline and cost, balancing standardization with necessary customization.

The SOCKEYE Foundation Program is your blueprint for: 

Implementing faster using industry-best practices.
Accessing pre-built solutions ready to deploy.
Receiving unparalleled support from our software experts.

From day one, we focus on what matters most to your business, ensuring you're set up not just for immediate success, but for long-term growth and efficiency.

Implement SAGE INTACCT Construction with Ease

Expertise-Driven Success

Our Foundation Program harnesses our team's expertise to directly benefit you. Our methodology incorporates best practices and insights drawn from decades of industry experience. 

Working with experts in the industry offers several key benefits:

  • Insightful Solutions: Leverage in-depth knowledge to identify and implement the most effective solutions for your specific business challenges.
  • Minimized Risk: Our team brings a wealth of experience that helps anticipate and mitigate potential issues, ensuring smoother execution.
  • Efficient Implementation: Benefit from proven strategies and processes that expedite implementation without compromising quality.
  • Future-Ready Guidance: Gain insights that not only address current needs but also prepare your business for future challenges and opportunities.

Continuous Improvements

Stay Ahead Effortlessly

The Foundation Program is designed with a proactive, passive update mechanism, ensuring that your software remains current without any effort on your part. This means that updates are seamlessly delivered and implemented, keeping your systems at the forefront of efficiency and security without requiring any intervention from you. 

Get Up and Running With Sage Intacct Construction in Less Than 1/2 the Time.

Download, view, or share the PDF version of The SOCKEYE Foundations Program Overview. 

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Begin your implementation with our Foundation Program. Get in touch with our experts today and lay the foundation for a fast and smooth transition to your new accounting software.

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