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Check out the future of work with Sockeye Consulting as we chat about how remote work is reshaping modern businesses. In this video, we dive into an article our CEO wrote, sharing insights on how switching to a fully remote setup has ramped up our company's growth five fold and improved how we operate across various states.

🔗 Read the Full Article: Back in early 2020, with the world changing fast, our leaders decided to shift from a hybrid to a totally remote work model. This big move was all about tapping into a wider pool of talent and reaching out to customers all over the map. Though it came with its set of challenges, the perks have definitely outdone them, boosting how we deliver our services and work together as a team.

📈 Why Go Remote?:
Wider Talent Pool: Grabbing skills from across the country.
More Flexibility: Keeping up with what modern life demands.
Boosted Productivity: Using tech to get things done better and faster.

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