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Sockeye, a trusted ERP expert, can help your business eliminate bottlenecks and identify under-the-radar opportunities so you can scale intelligently.

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Is your accounting system struggling to keep up?

As your business grows, your previously reliable accounting systems can quickly become bogged down and difficult to maintain. If left unchecked, it can create major inefficiencies, leading to a complex and profit-draining game of catch-up. Unfortunately, most decision makers wait too long, so they also end up missing out on opportunities easily visible with a more advanced ERP. It’s a domino effect of problems that can be avoided if you have a provider on your side that understands your business on a deeper level.

the pressing question...

When is the “right time” to upgrade?

After helping hundreds of growing companies transform their accounting ecosystems through Sage Intacct, the Sockeye team has developed an exhaustive and thorough methodology that we use to determine if your business is ready for an upgrade. Here’s a sample of some of the things we discuss:

Repetitive and Manual Processes

If finance and accounting team members are keying in data to multiple systems, or unable to automate processes like expenses, procure to pay, and revenue recognition, it’s high time to consider switching. Fixing this problem, for example, saved Alaska Seaplanes over 20 hours a week, freeing up resources so they could shift their focus towards forward-looking projects.

Where’s the data?

Bookkeepers, analysts, and management are constantly searching for better ways to analyze and visualize business data, but your current ecosystem either makes it impossible... or extremely time-intensive and difficult. Your current setup lacks customized reporting, has no ability to dig deep into the data, and can’t provide even the simplest analytics without requiring expensive and time-wasting 3rd party “workarounds.”

Time to completion

If it takes your accounting team up to a week or longer to close books at the end of the month, your business would likely benefit from an upgrade to a cloud-based ERP solution. The same goes for reports that take days to produce or generate errors that require manual reconciliation. Switching to Sage Intacct allowed Delta Constructors to produce instant month-end and quarterly reports at the click of a button, leading CFO John Farner to say that reporting in Intacct is “the best I’ve seen.”

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How Sockeye Helps Businesses Upgrade Seamlessly

Making the change to a full-service ERP solution can seem like a complicated and intensive process potentially filled with errors and delays. That’s why Sockeye takes a fully-committed approach every step of the way to ensure successful implementation. It’s a unique way of doing things that led Jodi Garza, CAO of Alaska Seaplanes to say, “It seemed like it was too easy...we went live without any issues.” Here’s how.

Discovery meetings to understand your business

The success of any accounting technology implementation comes down to understanding your business - its growth, its data needs, and its ideal future - at the granular level. For Sockeye, this means sitting down with your team to ask the right questions, diagnose current issues, and identify future bottlenecks.

“It’s always looking at how we can help them next, and asking those questions that they’re already thinking about.”

Eric Ward, PRESIDENT of Sockeye

Digging deeper and discussing customizations

Upgrading to a robust ERP isn’t just about fixing current or future problems. It’s also about finding ways to revolutionize how your business currently consumes, analyzes, and produces data. Sockeye places paramount importance on discovering ways to customize and track the data that’s relevant to your business. Because when you have the right tools at your disposal, you’ll be able to pinpoint opportunities before anyone else, and act with data-backed confidence.

Implementation and continuous improvement

Whether it’s implementation delays, or the horror stories of being left to figure things out post-implementation, your business might not feel prepared to upgrade. That’s why Sockeye, through its customer success plan, commits to much more than a successful implementation. Our commitment also gives your business the guarantee of ongoing support, so your team can use more of their new systems much faster. It also means you can meet with us frequently to discuss new customizations and projects, so your business can receive continuous improvements as well.


Alaskan Seaplanes Case Study PDF

Alaska Seaplanes, a fast-growing regional commuter airline in Southeast Alaska, upgraded from Intuit Quickbooks to cloud-based Sage Intacct. Besides saving the accounting team over 1,000 hours in manual data entry last year, CAO Jodi Garza said it’s helped their company do things they’ve “never been able to do”.

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  • Fit project capabilities to the needs of your business
  • Improve profit margins by basing new project bids on better data
  • Lower costs by streamlining project management and billing processes
  • Project accounting software that keeps clients happy by making it easy for your team to get information and provide great service