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Sockeye + Sage Intacct enables construction companies to become proactive business leaders with total control over every aspect of project financial management.


Streamline your construction accounting workflows.

Project financial management can often feel like a painful exercise of manual data entry and delayed insights, leading to inefficient and reactive decision-making. Sage Intacct Construction tackles this issue head-on through a “best-in-class” native cloud solution that provides real-time insights and automated workflows so you can seamlessly manage your project from start to finish.

How Sage Intacct Construction Cloud Accounting Eliminates Inefficiencies and Increases Cash Flow

Sage Intacct Construction is a “best in class” native cloud solution that enables proactive management of critical financial and operational metrics, increased efficiency, reduced time and cost of audits, and improved cash flow.

Automated financial reporting - on demand

If a process requires repetitive manual data entry, Sage Intacct can automate it. Generate financial reports that are relevant to your business at the click of a button. Create standardized templates for specific expenses that can be easily imported in Intacct, reducing invoicing and payroll processes by up to 40 hours per month.

Gain real-time and deep visibility into every facet of your project

With real-time Dashboards, you can present relevant data to stakeholders and decision makers to easily control project costs and maximize profitability. Dashboards can be set up to get up-to-the-minute insights on specific ledgers like accounts receivable, or to provide visibility into core managerial, operational, and other role-based data.

Go from reactive accounting to proactive financial analysis

Intacct gives you the freedom to decouple billing from revenue recognition so you can bill according to specific customer or project requirements, which improves accuracy when forecasting future costs. Real-time visibility into current and projected expense and revenue streams takes cash flow management to the next level.

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The Sockeye Advantage: Customer Success Above All

Sage Intacct Construction, implemented and supported through the Sockeye ecosystem, is where real change happens. Here’s why.

Understanding your business at the granular level

Successful implementations are built upon a strong foundation of understanding our customers, their technical needs, but most importantly, the unique intricacies of their business. No time or effort is spared in establishing this relationship.

Customization, integration, and iteration

With Sage Intacct’s powerful cloud technology and open API, we are able to work hand-in-hand with you to develop unique, customized solutions that integrate seamlessly. This way, you can start utilizing more of the system much faster.

Ongoing support and enhancements

When you’re ready to go live (and beyond), our team is right there - and not just for ongoing support and training. We continue iterating and improving on implemented solutions, and are ready to add more custom features and robust enhancements to help you gain the efficiencies you need to drive your business forward.


Delta Constructors Case Study

Delta Constructors, a self-performing construction company operating across 3 different regions in North America, recently upgraded their aging accounting system to Sage Intacct Construction Cloud Accounting. CFO John Farner said Sockeye’s implementation of Sage Intacct was “the best I’ve ever seen”.

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Why Sage Intacct Real Estate & Construction?

  • Fit project capabilities to the needs of your business
  • Improve profit margins by basing new project bids on better data
  • Lower costs by streamlining project management and billing processes
  • Project accounting software that keeps clients happy by making it easy for your team to get information and provide great service