Shareholder Management

The system, the portal, and the app give corporations the tools they need to provide consistent service and transparency to shareholders.

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Understanding Our Product

Serving shareholders well comes back to understanding. With information at your fingertips, it is simple to see information on file, administer dividends, and have an audit trail of communications with shareholders. Sockeye's Shareholder Management System is designed specifically for the needs of Alaska Native Corporations looking to maximize their service to and understanding of their shareholders.

Shareholder Management

Product Components

The System

Department Management

Engage & Support

We understand Alaska Native Corporations have unique needs to support their shareholders and meet the specific requirements of managing ANCSA stock information. We also know stock management is just a piece of the full range of services you want to provide, so we have built the tools to help accomplish those goals. We are committed to working with all of our ANC customers to continue to bring new capabilities as corporations grow and find new ways to engage and support their shareholders.


Your users will learn the system easily because it works just like Microsoft Office applications and integrates with familiar tools like Microsoft Word, Excel, and Outlook.

Powerful Reporting

Follow shareholder trends and demographics with one-click, real-time reporting. We make your data accessible to inform your communications and strategy.

the portal

Online Access

Shareholder Identity Management

Shareholders can see the most recent information on file and keep everything up-to-date.

Financial Information

Personalized information provides easy-to-understand breakdowns of where money is going.

Accessible and Informative

Give shareholders the ability to see their records and make changes without calling into the shareholder office, all with an audit trail.

Stock Summary

Allow shareholders to see their stock and it’s origins along with transfer online.

Document Service

Downloadable forms give quick access to frequently used forms for easy download.
• Income Verification
• Blood Quantum Affidavit
• Shareholder Verification

the app

Mobile Access

Reach your shareholders where they are. With the rise of mobile availability in rural Alaska, it is time to make a seamless mobile experience for shareholders.

Quick Access

Welcome your shareholders with the information they need most. The information displayed first helps field the most common questions shareholders have about their information.

Shareholder Card

Give access to an online shareholder card that emailed, saved to phone, and used to scan into corporation events.

Shareholder Information

Allow shareholders to see on-file contact and banking information. Empower shareholders to easily keep their records up-to-date with the option to grant editing.

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