Collaboration and Charity with a “SOCK-Eye on the Prize."

The first annual “Sock-Eye on the Prize” charity auction was held recently at Sockeye. We kicked off our weekly company meeting with a live-auction portion that included art, a day off work, resort stay, personalized song for winning bidder (music video upgrade available for extra $50), and more! Following the live auction, we opened bidding on our more than 40 silent auction items. Most of the items auctioned off were donated by our employees, plus a few supplemental items from Sockeye. 

One of the team’s favorite items was the “Team Member Catch of the Day.” This creative auction item allows the winning bidder to select a fellow Sockeye Team Member, and that person will receive lunch, surprise gifts, and special acknowledgements in the “Fish Pond” (our company chat). There were originally 4 of these days auctioned off, but another two were added mid-auction due to popular demand! Other hot auction items included  alpaca wool items donated by one of our team members, Jeff Williamson, who dabbles in Alpaca farming outside of his work at Sockeye. There was a little of something for everyone – kids items, house décor, electronics, Alaska seafood, gift cards – most of them being sold for more than the item's value.

At Sockeye, we have employees in 11 different states, so we wanted to give the winning bidder the opportunity to support their own local charity of their choice. And luckily, the auction surpassed the goal, so we are proud that our contribution will have a real impact. 

The “Sock-Eye on the Prize” event was a direct result of Sockeye’s 2022 SIIC Day event. Tricia Lynch and Janelle Pentecostes developed this idea and presented it to the team. The purpose of the event was to ”Provide opportunities to collaborate with one another in a fun and purposeful way.” 

And they did just that.  

Thank you to all Sockeye team members - from the charity organizers to donors and bidders. What an honor to work alongside such giving people.

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