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Sockeye Catch And Release

Sockeye Announces New Benefit: Catch and Release Days

Innovation, empathy, and grit. These are the core traits of what it is to be part of Sockeye. It is the ongoing dedication and tremendous efforts of our team that has made Sockeye a leader in our field. They are our greatest asset. We are committed to empowering their success.

Sockeye’s workforce is fully remote, with employees all over the US. We embrace work/life balance and flexible schedules as an important part of our company culture. Raising the Bar is our Mission Statement. We apply this internally as well as externally. We want our employees to brag about loving their job. Sockeye’s new Catch and Release Days seeks to raise our bar of employment satisfaction to a new level.

One Friday Off Each Month

Catch and Release is more than a day off. It’s a new way of doing things, of celebrating our successes and rewarding ourselves for our hard work. A single day off doesn’t raise the bar—and we knew we could do better for ourselves and our team.

With Sockeye’s new Catch and Release benefit, every employee receives one Friday off per month—a full 12 days per year—that are not counted against their current PTO benefits.

Why We Prioritize Time Away from Work

Our team’s commitment to improving Sockeye requires intense problem-solving, critical thinking, agility, and empathy. We pride ourselves on the ability to find answers where others only see problems. To be the best, you must have deep reservoirs to draw from, and a continuous enthusiasm to tackle even the most difficult challenges., We realize that even the largest reservoirs need to be replenished from time to time.

Catch and Release Days are about prioritizing holistic health. These days are not for catching up on work. They are restorative days to provide our employees with the mental distance and personal productivity that truly impacts their wellbeing. By proactively disconnecting, we believe our team members can enjoy the true benefits of reinvigorating and reimagining themselves in new and positive ways.

It Is Your Time, Your Way

Catch and Release is so much more than a Friday off each month. It is about providing an environment where individuals can thrive in both their personal and professional life.

We are committed to providing this holistic approach to wellness without prescribing how that time is used. Everyone’s approach to wellness is as unique as they are. It is our desire to empower each person to actively embrace restorative activities in whatever way they choose. It is an opportunity to reconnect with yourself, your loved ones, nature, physical activity or pursue a new creative endeavor that brings you joy.

This is a time to unwind, refresh, recharge and disconnect. We believe one of the best career investments you can make is taking the time to care for yourself. Sockeye appreciates and values every employee and every contribution they make toward our success. Catch and Release Days provide the opportunity for them to appreciate the things in life they value most, and we are committed to providing the mechanism of this important piece of work-life balance.

Welcome to Catch and Release Days at Sockeye, where high performance and work/life balance truly coexist. Check out our open positions for employment and the many other benefits our team members enjoy.

About Sockeye

At Sockeye we work as a close team to ensure our clients’ needs are met 100%, and we produce work with the highest standard of security and technology. We welcome new and innovative ways to solve complex problems, or to help streamline and improve internal processes. Learn more about us.

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