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SIIC Day 2023 Champions: Angling for a Better Way

Article by: Sockeye, a Sage Intacct Premier Partner

Sockeye's Innovation, Improvement, and Collaboration (SIIC) day 2023 was an amazing day of ideas that could immediately impact our clients and our employee's lives. The winning project (based on employee voting) was Angling for a Better Way, which focused on create a tool and method to improve the current data migration process for both consultants as well as clients.

The Winning Project: Angling for a Better Way 

The winning project was presented by Ariel Johannes, Christopher Branche, Tamera Reckks

The team said this initiative was aimed at the following pain points:

Validation  - Dirty Data
Ownership  - Client not reviewing information in timely fashion, creating much larger issue to clean up down the road
Time spent by implementation team, client team, customer success, and support teams

The team's presentation talked about and then demonstrated their prototype on how the technology can at help with data validation, and even send client details on the data that failed validation. For the initial prototype, they also discussed how they can create historical balances from the imported data, which will really be a game changer.

Beyond the validation process and communication with client, the team also refined the tasks to manage this within the project plan, and also created a client sign-off milestone. We can't wait to see this rolled out and have the impacts felt by both Sockeye and our clients alike.

Other amazing ideas/innovations that were presented at this year's SIIC day.

  • A-B-Seas of Implementation: Single point of documentation for implementation; tools to help create documentation - Sydney, Susan, and Lindsay
  • Catch of the Praise: Recognition tool that incorporates Sockeye values and incorporates employee rewards for participation; automates anniversary/birthday reminders - Sherry
  • It's Me: Improving our PTO request system  - Tiffany
  • Just a Lil' Shellfish: Capturing employee heath with self-assessments and rewards for participation - Taran, Bek, and Jonathan
  • Just Keep Swimming: Developing and implementing a Sockeye apprenticeship program  - Tyler, Josie, Jenn, and Kramer
  • Reel SIIC Payroll Anglers: Developing new payroll implementation project plan to streamline process  - Alexis, Pat, Tiphanie, and Becca
  • Squid Squad: Questionnaire and testing scripts for Sage Intacct construction clients  - Michelle W., Cindy, Karie, Brent, and Renee
  • S-Squad: Program to encourage employees to take breaks and avoid burnout - Janelle, Tricia, Sim, and Amber
  • Team Ahi-some: Intacct Data Management from the Sockeye console tool - Brian, Thomas, Hani, and Erik
  • The Chinooks: Resource health for Azure and improving visibility of errors/failure for Intacct integrations/customizations  - James, Josh, Benny, Wes, and JT
  • Watch Our Fry Fly: Developing personalized training plans for new hires and beyond  - Callista, Michelle S., Taylor, and Sara
  • We can Kelp you: Game based learning program to engage new employees and grow their knowledge about Sockeye and the products we support - Megan, Kat, Stephanie C, and Andre

The innovation and improvements presented by team this year does not end with the presentations. Many of these ideas will be put into practice over the next year. Big thank you to each of you who participated; your passion for Sockeye's continual growth through your innovations is truly inspiring!

About Sockeye

Sockeye is a Sage Intacct Premier Partner that leverages technology and deep partnerships with our clients to improve their business operations. Here at Sockeye, we believe in balance. We work hard, we believe in making life outside of work a priority, and we value the long-term relationships we build along the way. Learn more about us.

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