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SIIC Day 2022 Champions: Sockeye SpawnBoarding

Article by: Sockeye, a Sage Intacct Premier Partner

The premise of Sockeye’s Innovation, Improvement, and Collaboration (SIIC) Day is simple. The entire company was given a day off from work-related duties, to instead focus on a challenging task: develop an actionable idea that can make Sockeye better. The following day, team members presented their ideas at a company-wide meeting, where the winning idea would be chosen to implement.

This year’s SIIC Day did not disappoint! It was full of amazing ideas that could immediately impact our clients and our employee's lives.

The Winning Project: SpawnBoarding

Based on employee voting, the winning project was Sockeye SpawnBoarding, which focuses on our new hire onboarding & training. The idea was presented by Janelle PentecostesTricia LynchDavid Neiberger, and Sim Sohal.

The team said the goals of this initiative included the following:

  1. Efficiency: Creating tools to reference to self-start training programs; efficiencies come in reusable content and reduced meeting times.
  2. Human Touch: By providing a portion of training through self-service videos, will allow us non-video portion of the training to focus human touch and have more meaningful conversations
  3. Ease of Access: Ease of access means these videos will be stored in an easy-to-access location for future reference.
  4. Elevated Success: We want to make sure we use everyone's time to the best of our ability and that the resources they need are available. We feel the combination of these will ultimately elevate the success of all our team members.

Not only did the SpawnBoarding team do an amazing job working to identify and solve this issue, relating it back to our values and mission, but they also produced a short video to put this idea into action.

The full list of ideas and innovations that were presented at this year's SIIC day:

  • Flow Ninjas: Flowchart Reference Library - Susan, Melissa
  • CATfish: Storing all customizations in one or two demo companies - Chelsea, Taylor, Amber
  • FieldOps: Field Operations Demo Data - Pat, Lindsay
  • Sockeye SpawnBoarding: Employee onboarding videos - Janelle, David, Sim, Tricia
  • T2T: Virtual Team Learning & Knowledge Sharing - John
  • The Data Slingers: Streamlining Sage 300 CRE Migration - Thomas, Tiffany, Brent
  • License to Thrill: Continuous License Monitoring - Joel, Elissa, Brian
  • Home Sweet Homepage: Beefing up the Clickup Project Plane Homepage and more - Becca, Callista
  • Get Your Fit On: Employee Wellness Program - Michelle, Sonia
  • Staying Connected & Having Fun: Ideas for team building activities - Elise
  • Live Like No One Else: Personal Finance program - Jeff
  • Seven Bridges of Kenai: Reducing the complexity of invoice entry for ADP - Tyler, Andre
  • The Commish: Utilizing PowerBI and DocuSign together to increase efficiencies - Joel, JT
  • O-Fish-All Construction Reporting: Packaging CRE Customizations & Reporting - Sydney
  • Contract from Fry to Fry: Improving efficiencies with managing contracts in Intacct - Eric

The innovation and improvements presented by the team this year does not end with the presentations. Many of these ideas will be put into practice over the next year.  A big thank you goes out to those who participated in our 2022 SIIC day; your passion for Sockeye's continual growth through your innovations is truly inspiring. 

About Sockeye

Sockeye is a Sage Intacct Premier Partner that leverages technology and deep partnerships with our clients to improve their business operations. Here at Sockeye, we believe in balance. We work hard, we believe in making life outside of work a priority, and we value the long-term relationships we build along the way. Learn more about us.

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