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Enhancing Construction Management Efficiency: Sage Intacct's Strategic Acquisition of Corecon

Article by: Sockeye, a Sage Intacct Premier Partner

In a strategic move set to revolutionize the construction and real estate industries, Sage Intacct has announced its acquisition of Corecon. This integration will empower construction firms with unparalleled visibility and streamlined management processes, propelling efficiency to new heights.

Seamless Integration for Comprehensive Solutions

The integration of Corecon and Sage Intacct brings together three essential application components to optimize estimating, project management, job costing, and construction accounting processes. By seamlessly blending these powerful components, this merger offers a comprehensive solution that streamlines various aspects of construction management, redefining the efficiency landscape.

Eliminating Duplication, Ensuring Accuracy

One of the standout advantages of the Corecon and Sage Intacct integration is its ability to eliminate duplicate data entry. This ensures accuracy by eradicating discrepancies between project budgets and financial transactions. This means no more tedious manual entry, reduced risk of errors, and enhanced financial insights for your construction firm.

Precise Control and Flexibility

Navigating complex setup processes can be a challenge in any industry, and construction is no exception. However, the integration offers extensive posting preferences, granting your firm precise control over information flow to Sage Intacct. This results in reduced setup complexities and enhanced financial clarity. Whether you prefer individual transaction or batch posting options, Corecon and Sage Intacct offer the flexibility you need.

Empowering Various Roles for Maximum Efficiency

The integration isn't just about streamlining accounting processes – it extends its benefits to multiple roles within your construction firm. From estimators and project managers to superintendents, coordinators, and accounting staff, Corecon + Sage Intacct has you covered:

Corecon for Estimators:

Prepare estimates, distribute drawings, and manage RFP packages seamlessly.

Corecon for Project Managers:

Efficiently manage contracts, procurement, time tracking, job costing, and more.

CoreconLink with Sage Intacct for Accounting Staff:

Seamlessly sync customers, vendors, and employees, post transactions, and ensure smooth data integration.

Sage Intacct for Accounting Staff:

Track project costs, manage job cost accounting, handle payroll processing, and more.

Integration Elements in Action

The Corecon + Sage Intacct integration includes a wide array of features, each contributing to the enhanced efficiency of your construction firm. From bidirectional data integration to award-winning projects, accounts receivable, procurement, and beyond, this comprehensive integration elevates your construction management capabilities to new heights.

A Leap into the Future of Construction Management

Sage Intacct's acquisition of Corecon signifies a bold leap forward for construction and real estate firms seeking to streamline their operations, bolster efficiency, and gain unprecedented insights into their financial landscape. Embrace the power of this integration and take your construction management to the next level.

Stay Tuned for Sage Construction Management!

As Sage gears up for the exciting launch of Sage Construction Management, we invite you to stay tuned for this groundbreaking solution that's set to redefine construction management.

While the integration of Corecon and Sage Intacct promises a new era of efficiency and accuracy, the real transformation begins when you get your hands on Sage Intacct Construction Management. Don't miss out on the opportunity to explore its full potential with the October release.

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