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Truuli Sexual Assault Tracking Kit Sockeye

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Sockeye is proud to announce the launch of TRUULI, Sexual Assault Kit Tracking Software, in Montana. In 2015, the Sexual Assault Kit Initiative provided resources to implement rape kit reform for testing and tracking. Since then the State has moved forward to reform kit processes and implement a database.

“The state received a $284,500 federal National Institute of Justice grant to build a kit tracking database. We have worked for a year to record untested kits and implement our software,” stated Justin Stolp, Project Manager for the Montana Department of Justice. “We are now live and managing the accumulation of untested kits.”

Each kit is assigned a tracking number and barcoded. Tracking starts when kits are distributed to collection sites, primarily medical facilities. Each kit is tracked as it moves from collection site, to law enforcement facilities, labs, and storage providing a full audit trail of where each kit is and has been.

“We are proud of the strides Montana has taken toward recording untested kits, the work of the Department of Justice, and the system we have implemented with Sockeye,” stated Stolp. “This tracking system brings the visibility and reporting needed to end the backlog in Montana and prevent it from ever occurring again.”

Montana’s implementation of TRUULI allows for over 230 entities across the state to manage kits through a highly secure website built upon the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Montana is currently implementing the ability to have survivors check the status of their kit online.


TRUULI is built on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform and utilizes the security of the Microsoft Government Cloud, compliant with Criminal Justice Information Service Standards. Time to process, location, and demographics build powerful analytics for real time reporting. Each entity has a unique portal type for law enforcement, case managers, attorneys, hospitals, and labs granting access to only information pertaining to each type. Each user has a unique login and all actions are logged for the administrator with a full audit trail. TRUULI was built by Sockeye for the sole purpose of tracking sexual assault kits as they change custody and status.

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