TimberScan, Now with Automated Vendor Payments

November 2, 2022 11:00 AM PST -
TimberScan has been leading the way in AP automation for
Sage Construction users year after year. Offering OCR, connected mobile capabilities and invoice approval automation was just the beginning. Users can now do so much more with TimberScan’s built-in embedded pay experience!

By attending, you'll see how to:

Increase AP Efficiency
Automate your AP processes, eliminate data entry, and simplify tedious tasks. With Timberscan, you can customize your AP approval workflows, approve invoices from a mobile device, and redefine document management, saying goodbye to paper.

Automate Vendor Payments
Stop writing checks and go electronic right from TimberScan with proof of payment automatically matched to the appropriate invoice and its supporting documents

Simplify Billing
Substantiated billing is made easy with purchasing, invoice, and vendor payment management in the same platform

Gain Peace of Mind
Secure sensitive vendor payment profiles and reduce your risk of check fraud

Maintain Control
Easily access payment information inside TimberScan with multiple ways to search: by payment, invoice, job cost, or even by a date range

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