Sage Intacct Saves Non-Profit Twenty Hours of Reporting per Cycle

Case Study: Cook Inlet Tribal Council

For nearly 20 years, Cook Inlet Tribal Council (CITC) has provided education, social, and economic services. CITC collaborates with eight other federally recognized Cook Inlet tribes to strengthen the program and social service capacity for their region’s tribal communities. They self fund and rely on 90 separate grants to run their programs and services, and there are a lot of moving parts.

Shelly Kells, Senior Director of Finance describes CITC as, “a large social services, nonprofit organization. CITC itself operates five different program departments; we also have four subsidiaries, three of which are nonprofits and one is a for-profit.”

CITC Non Profit Programming Overview

“Our program departments mostly operate reimbursement based grants with some formula funded grants. A couple of our departments also bring in medical billing revenue. Additionally, we do some social enterprise activities, providing accounting and IT services to external companies, facility rentals, and operating several coffee shops. Our three non profit subsidiaries operate with similar funding streams and our for-profit began as an investment holding company, but has been expanding into more social enterprise activities as well. The intention of that organization is to generate revenue that can then be reinvested into CITC's program departments to create more predictable and self sufficient funding."

Information Overload with Unsynchronized Systems

For years, CITC navigated disjointed software programs. Their entire organization was split between Microsoft Dynamics GP, and QuickBooks – leading to distinct disadvantages. “There were a lot of issues with our previous software reporting, because it was not intuitive – and there were so many different things going on.

Targeted Access And Information

“One of the main draws to Sage Intacct was how customized the reporting was.” Ultimately, CITC as an organization, needed many people to have access to a lot of information. "Everybody needs to see different information and Intacct has the ability to create reports specific for users in a way that is informative and useful,” says Shelly.

Sage Intacct Synchronized Disjointed Systems

Now, with Sage Intacct, CITC and all subsidiaries are connected by the same software point. Stakeholders and directors have access to a unified chart of accounts and are able to carry out seamless intercompany transactions.

Between all of their subsidiaries, CITC has more than 90 grants. Maintaining these grants requires a lot of tracking and detailed attention from many people. Before Sage Intacct, those people were bogged down by a giant chart of accounts.

To have better control over their chart of accounts, CITC leveraged dimensions. Shelly continues by saying that everyone is now on the same chart of accounts, “We were able to be intentional with our numbering of things so that we can also set up some of our internal allocations to be automated based on ranges instead of one offs.”

Solutions in Seconds

Now, if someone has the project number, they can find every detail about a grant that they are looking to find – within seconds. “That’s one of the biggest things,” continues Alex. “Intacct is now helping run reports, getting people details of what grants are open, and what grants are closed. Is there another year? What does the funding look like for FY 23? We have all the grant information built in.”

Customized Project Module

CITC ultimately chose Sage Intacct because of the project module. As the Director of Compliance Alex Blake says, “The biggest thing that’s helped us is the functionality of the project module and how much we can customize and add fields. We used to be in GP. There was some information you could add here and there, but not to the level of detail that we needed.”

“I think this project module and reporting probably saves the team 20+ hours in reporting, every reporting cycle.”

Alex Blake, Director of Compliance

“We would constantly be fielding questions about grants. What’s the end date or the full award amount? A lot of grants have different hierarchies of who awarded the funding. Is the grant federal or state pass through? Does it go on the federal schedule? We were able to build all of those fields into Intacct instead of going through our internal drive, digging through folders, and trying to find the most updated information.”

Reframing the Project Rollup

Project modules drastically improved the CITC project rollups, too. Many of the grants have difference scopes, and one grant has been split into 20 different projects. The project module allows their team to track who is helping with a grant, what the participant base is, and which department is using it.

“Completing that report, in order to run all the details, compile it, and get it all together, used to take a whole day. Completing the report now with Sage Intacct and the project module, it takes 30 to 45 minutes. There are just a lot of efficiencies with the way the project module can house information, create roll ups, and create groupings. We can pull much better reports and turn around and get them to the grant agency much faster.”

No More Sifting Through Information

Rather than continuing to sift through different programs to find information,CITC created new accounts using Sage Intacct. They used item codes so that rollups for revenues and expenses still looked the way that they wanted them to on reports, but they are now able to pull a specific level of detail and automate their eliminations.

"This freed up a lot of time," says Shelly. “It allowed us to shift from doing manual data entry and manipulation to doing a higher level review. Our information is cleaner because we’re able to use our people at a higher capacity.”

Artist Michael

Implementation Without A Hitch

“I have nothing but good things to say about Sockeye. We get such a high level of support from a partner that understands our business model and the environment that we work in. Esther Goodstein’s been with us for a couple of years, and she did the whole conversion with us. We get exceptional customer service from Sockeye.”

Collaboration Between Teams

The Sockeye and CITC teams worked together to custom create a Grant Tab for CITC, too. Their joint effort started by asking questions. Alex asked, “What are the most common questions we’re getting from executive management? We built those fields in.” The team then thought about what else would be needed to pull reports, and they added those fields, too.

“There was a lot of collaboration and all of the managers added a couple fields. We’re still adding some fields every now and then when we realize it would be easier if we had certain data. We were really intentional about how we structured it.”

“I have nothing but good things to say about Sockeye. We get such a high level of support from a partner that understands our business model and the environment that we work in."

Shelly Kells, Senior Director of Compliance

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Read Sockeye's case study to learn how switching to Sage Intacct cloud accounting helped CITC better manage their business and save reporting time.


Executive Summary

CITC Company Overview

Cook Inlet Tribal Council, Inc. (CITC) has provided education, social, and economic services in collaboration with eight other federally recognized Cook Inlet tribes since its incorporation as a nonprofit organization in 1983. They self fund and rely on roughly 90 separate grants to run their programs and services. These include child and family, recovery and addiction, youth education, employment and training, and job placement services.

Results With Sockeye

  • Centralized the accounting team and company stakeholders on unified chart of accounts
  •  Saved 20+ hours of manual processing every reporting cycle
  • Customized project modules to run detailed reports and complete rollups in fraction of time

Previous Software

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP, and QuickBooks