Sockeye is pleased to announce:

As the leading provider of construction and real estate financial management solutions for over 50 years, Sage is deeply committed to ensuring your total satisfaction with our world class products and services.

In support of that commitment, Sage is now offering a Sage 100 Contractor subscription which is bundled with Gold Plus care, designed specifically for our customers that want to maximize the return on their investment in Sage construction and real estate solutions. The best part, this subscription will likely be equal or less than your current maintenance and support agreement. Learn the advantages of subscription pricing here

Get all the benefits of Sage 100 Contractor plus exclusive perks.

You will get all the benefits of Sage 100 Contractor, our powerful and flexible construction accounting solution, plus software updates and enhancements along with bonuses including unlimited support from Sage experts, free access to all Anytime Learning content, and an exclusive on-demand appointment scheduling for non-urgent, more complex business care needs.

There’s no better way to protect and extend your software investment than with a Sage 100 Contractor subscription. In addition to ensuring your Sage 100 Contractor system works optimally, the Sage Business Care team is committed to helping you maximize your investment, by learning how to take advantage of your system’s full potential. That means being able to enjoy the automation of processes that save time, payroll hours, and costly errors—while also getting the most return on your investment.

Gold Plus Subscription service plans include:

  • Unlimited access to the Sage Business Care Team.
  • Free access to all Anytime Learning content.
  • Exclusive on-demand appointment scheduling for non-urgent, more complex needs.
  • Annual check-in with a Sage Business Care team member.
  • Annual or Monthly payment options.
  • Add/Drop users any time under a monthly plan (user adds are usually less than under the perpetual pricing model).

*Qualifications apply.

To switch to a subscription-based system, please submit your information here and a Sockeye representative will contact you shortly.

Sage 100 Contractor Subscription

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