Nicole Ramm

Account Manager Lead

Nicole Ramm is the epitome of can-do attitude as a Sockeye account manager. “I see possibility in every problem and do my best work when I’m innovating and iterating processes,” she says. “I look at big picture goals, and find opportunities to help customers grow their businesses and achieve their business objectives.” 

It’s a great approach to have when your position is focused on sharing product and business knowledge and building long-term, trusting relationships with customers.  

Out of the office:

Nicole doesn’t leave her natural attention to detail and efficiency at her desk. In fact, it’s something she enjoys as a hobby, too! “I am an expert organizer – recruit me to help with your closet, gear storage or to make your space look and feel great,” she says. “I have an interest in architecture and design.”

And, somewhat unexpectedly, skiing, which she characterizes as the activity that she “absolutely has the most fun doing.”

Nicole Ramm


Bachelor of Science in Nutrition Science

Minors in Business Agriculture and Spanish

California Polytechnic State University SLO

Highlighted Project Work

Nicole’s professional career has been client focused, and she’s actively worked on providing a great client experience, from providing overall support to helping them recover unrealized revenue. Regardless of the industry, she’s always made it a priority to make things better and easier for the customers she assists. In a previous role, she improved a partner process to ensure that the customer has a more seamless and easy implementation and is quickly up to speed.

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