Heidi Steranka

NFP ERP Business Consultant

Heidi Steranka is a NFP ERP Business Consultant at SOCKEYE. Her primary role involves supporting NFP clients and groups through implementations and assisting our NFP clients with both system and process improvements that align with their company goals.

What sets Heidi apart is her extensive background and qualifications. As a CPA, she brings over 23 years of experience, including 5 years as an auditor and 18 years as a controller for NFPs and a medical marijuana company. Her unique blend of expertise makes her an invaluable addition to the Sockeye team.

Outside of work, Heidi finds solace in nature, often embarking on hikes with her husband and their two 11-year-old puppies. She also embraces yoga, meditation, and indulges in hobbies like binge-watching classic TV shows and playing Mass Effect. Heidi's wealth of knowledge and her passion for both her career and personal pursuits make her a valuable asset to the SOCKEYE team.

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