Elise Stephens

ERP Account Manager

In her role at Sockeye, Elise’s main focus is conducting strategic business planning with existing clients and seeking ways to enhance their experiences, especially in applying Sockeye’s support and technology. Elise is a go-to for understanding Sockeye’s suite of products and services and her expertise makes her a trusted adviser to key accounts, customer stakeholders and executive sponsors.

When she’s not at work:

Elise trades the accounting kingdom for the animal kingdom in her spare time. She counts breeding Australian Shepherds among her hobbies, and her efforts help better the breed and ensure healthy genetics for future generations of “man’s best friend.” She also enjoys cattle working and maintaining a little part of the ocean at home: saltwater fish tanks are a huge part of her family.
Elise Stephens


Kaplan University – Bachelor of Science in Health Science

Additional coursework at Texas A&M University

Highlighted Project Work

Prior to joining Sockeye, Elise honed her client service skills in similar roles in the computing and cloud services industry. She regularly developed close business relationships with her clients, which allowed her to quickly identify pain points and devise solutions to eliminate them.

“One accomplishment I’m proud of regarding a previous project was creating a service offering for one of my tenured larger customers,” she says. “After many implementations and upcoming projects, they realized they did not have the proper expertise on premises that would assist with solutions to ultimately grow the company smoothly.”

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