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Flexibly to Track, Manage, and Convert Multiple Accrual Types with Enhanced Workflows

Many organizations need the flexibility to track multiple types of accruals that may or may not affect the general ledger. There is also a need for enhanced workflows to move these commitments throughout the accrual types, before being invoiced. Sockeye’s Advanced Accruals for Sage Intacct does just that:

Purchase order Commitments/Agreements/Encumbrances

Track the Commitments as well as accruals and invoices against those commitments segmented by Funds, Grants, Divisions or any other dimension

Multi-Accrual Ledgers

Track traditional accruals (expenses incurred without invoice) as well as accruals to indicate future encumbrances expected

Grant/Contract Tracking

Track grant disbursements as well as attributes on the grant such as the type of grant, grant manager, grant recipient, important dates and the grant status.

Fund accounting

Keep track of fund details as well as the optional setting to auto balance funds when a transaction affects multiple funds.

Advanced dimensional tracking as needed

Intacct has the ability to track multiple dimensions within the general ledger.  Some examples of where this is used includes

  • Open items/projects/Contract Line Number
  • Division and Sub Division
  • Class/subclass
  • Year

Quick-entry allocation codes

Setup short-cut codes that have a built in distribution to fill in data fields automatically and/or break amounts down by a fixed percentage across multiple divisions/grants/funds/etc.

Document attachments

Attach the files related to a record, such as a pdf copy of the invoice, right on the transaction itself allowing reviewers or auditors to view the source of the entry.

Collaboration discussions

With a transaction pulled up, record notes and tag other users to review/respond thereby documenting discussions regarding a transaction on the transaction itself

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