Simrit Sohal

HR Administrative Assistant

Sim is a people-person. Her outgoing personality pairs well with her BS degree in psychology, making her a dynamic asset to our Human Resource team. Her role ranges from daily support for our HR, Administrative and Operational objectives to deep diving into corporate compliance and new project implementation. Aiding and improving our recruitment efforts is a big part of what she does, as well as processing HR requests from both employees and management.

In addition to her daily duties, Sim enjoys the challenge of implementing new projects, such as improving the employee onboarding process at Sockeye and ensuring open enrollment for health benefits goes smoothly for all our employees.

Out of the office:

As a psychology major, Sim likes to read philosophical books that stretch her thinking, but her dog is a big part of her life too. You’ll often find her strolling the neighborhood with leash in hand.

Sim Sohal

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